VR headset enables Rhino creations to be worked on and walked around

Sort of fantasy idea really, but no doubt will get some juices flowing by posters on what could be !

These VR headsets that are just starting to get ‘real’, imagine when they have developed more, very high dpi, and the ability to walk around ones creation building it in 3D that way.

or build it in the 4 viewports then study it not in perspective but in the VR headset.


We’ve been using HTC Vive, and exporting out of Rhino as FBX or OBJ and importing that into the Unity game editor. Once you get it set up, it works pretty well. Obviously you can’t edit in it, but it can be a very compelling review of your design.

Sounds promising,
wish there was a trade show where such and rhino could be experienced, in UK