Volvox - Load selected scans separates points within cloud

To anyone who knows Volvox (@MateuszZwierzycki), I have decent sized e57 file (~6GB) comprised of 12 scans, and I’m attempting to separate them into separate e57 files using the Volvox engine. Somehow, after loading a scan, I’m finding that the pointcloud has been separated into chunks, with large amounts of space between them (see attached images, red circles are chunks of points in the distance), even though they still belong to the same cloud. I’ve tried the same definition in both v5 and v6, and have gotten the same results. But, when I load the full e57 file into Rhino, I can see all 12 scans, with the same origin, aligned properly. Any ideas? This is my first dive into Volvox, so I’m assuming I missed something basic.