Volume of voronoi structure with overlapping meshes

Hi everyone I’ quite new to Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and I’m trying to determine the porosity of a few voronoi structures.

Since the structure is quite dense and I (purposefully) use Weaverbird’s Mesh Thicken, the meshes overlap and I obtain a completely wrong volume (larger than the bounding box) because the volume is calculated from the sum of the volumes of each individual mesh and doesn’t account for overlapping.

I tried different options to merge the meshes such as MeshJoin, MeshUnion, Weaverbird’s Join Meshes and Weld but none did it. I also tried RebuildMesh and the only parameter that resulted in (lower) volume values was the weld vertices. However, since the structure is quite complex I cannot understand clearly how this is changing the geometry.

Can someone guide me how to determine this volume?


Hold your breath while I wire up a GH model to duplicate your screen image… (sarcasm)

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Apologies, please find my .gh file attached.voronoi.gh (12.5 KB)

Thanks again for the help,

@Joseph_Oster I believe that one problem is that the mesh I generate is made up of 75 values (because of how the voronoi population is defined) rather than 1 value, hence when I calculate the volume it calculates for each of the 75 values and does not consider the overlapping. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again for the help!

I am not sure your are going the right way. You could benefit from using Dendro only.
See this :

Sorry for the late reply, I was studying the approaches you suggested and also the Dendro plugin, thanks for that! The approaches you suggested seem much more robust and the only reason why I was trying to find a way to stick to my solution was that I had already 3d printed several models…

I tried to use Dentro Mesh to Volume (vMesh) directly on my solution but could not find a way to calculate the volume of the Dendro geometry.

I ended up using the file Closed 3D Voronoi Porous Structure.gh.

Thanks again for your response!