Wish: "Volume" tool to include litres

It bugs me that it’s almost year 2023, yet the “Volume” tool lacks a proper measurement of volume in litres, which is the most common unit in the World for measuring liquid volume. I’m aware that I can set the units to “cubic centimeters” and then divide the result to 1000, but this is kind of annoying, not to mention that it may lead to errors while converting the numbers due to the many zeros. How is Santa Claus going to measure his beer when litres are not included in Rhino? :slight_smile:


agreed, should be there-



Wow, that was quick. I noticed that you considered it a bug. Will it be fixed in Rhino 7, as well?

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everything is marked as a bug in our system… not sure on v7, I can ask the Dev. Most likely is v8.


I suppose that it will be quite easy for your programmers to add litres for Rhino 7, because the code is already there for the existing units, hence just needs to be divided by 1000 for the missing one. :slight_smile:

As a non-programmer, I stopped long ago trying to decide what is “easy” for the programmers…Often stuff that seems easy in my mind, isn’t for reasons beyond my comprehension. But…even if it isn’t easy your request is a good one.



A friend of mine is a game programmer and stuff like modifying a code to add new/missing functionality is a peace of cake. I have seen how easy it’s to do similar changes in just several seconds. :slight_smile:

This one is fairly easy. But mind that every feature changed or added, needs to be tracked, tested, documented and changed in the help files.
I can script a version for you in minutes that doesn’t require those steps, but I bet for this one you could even make your own macro or script that does the math for you. I’d say, give it a try :slight_smile:


I’m aware that it should be documented, no doubt that it takes both time and resources. Will be really nice to see litres being added to the “Volume” tool as a native unit and reported in one of my favourite topics. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Making macros and scripts is not my strength, so I will have to wait for the (hopefully) next Rhino SR update.

please include gradians to angles too

Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria
@Holo already did one for me some years ago - still use it frequently! But I agree - it should be in vanilla Rhino!
Volume in liters.py (1.5 KB)


Thank you! It worked great in the few examples I have tested. :slight_smile: Here is a comparison between Rhino’s native Volume calculation in cubic centimeters versus the script above in liters.

i think we also should add pint because, who does no like a good beer :stuck_out_tongue:


Careful about cracking too many jokes:

i always knew that stuff is making people crazy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A friend of mine once walked into a pub in St. John’s Wood and asked for a small pint. We’ve never let him live it down :joy:

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I guess I could have rounded that number a bit :smiley:

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he probably thinks pints are just generally small :smiley: though a pint is bigger then a half a litre.

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Depends on the bartender, I think :grimacing:

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I prefer to see the actual, accurate value rather than a rounded one. :slight_smile:

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