Volume and BoundingBox Volume of a part not equal

I am working on some projects where I do need to sort the parts by mechanization criteria and for this purpose I want to check if the volume of the parts it is the same as the volume of the BoundingBox of the same parts.

I do created a basic definition in Grasshopper and I don’t understand why the volume of the object it is different that the one of the BoundingBox.

Volume_not_equal.gh (8.3 KB)

The volume of a bounding box will always be greater than that of a BREP, as the bounding box encompasses the BREP in all three dimensions and is represented as an extruded rectangle

And it is a way to fix this?

Whats your goal precisely?

I have a bunch of parts and I need to sort them by mechanization criteria.
If the BoundinBox volume of the part it is equal to the volume of the part that means that I don’t have anything to mechanize in that part.

Never-mind, I do found a solution by placing an Integer between the Volumes and Equality component.

The difference is extremely small but causes the standard Equality (Equals) component to return False. Replace it with this cluster I wrote isEqual, which returns True if the difference is less than the ‘T’ (Tolerance) value, which defaults to 0.0001.

Volume_not_equal_2023Feb13a.gh (11.6 KB)

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