VisualArq objects on speckle


I raised the following issue on here. Perhaps anyone from Asuni can comment on what might be done to improve VisualArq compatibility with speckle?

I started experimenting with speckle 2.0 and tried to send some VisualArq objects (e.g., a slab and a few columns) from within Rhino to the speckle server. From the results on the browser I figure that VisualArq objects may not be supported. The objects seem to be placed on the origin (perhaps they are all overlapped) and there are some points on the locations where they were inserted in the model. I imagine this must be related with how VisualArq creates the objects as blocks.

So the question is what can be done to improve the compatibility of VisualArq with speckle?

Hi @Filipe_Brandao,

I’ve answered directly in the Speckle forum:



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