VisualARQ: New "Feature Feedback" category

Hi everyone!

We have just created the category “Feature Feedback” inside the “VisualARQ” category.

In this category, we will post new topics to discuss each of the new features or improvements for the next VisualARQ version, as we think it is important to know what users want / need / expect. Having a global view of all different user workflows and requirements will help us make a feature useful and great (or not) for as many users as possible.

Please, feel free to participate in any feature you’re interested in. We’re more interested in what you need than how you expect the feature to work. So please, try to explain your situation, your problem, or what you currently can’t do with VisualARQ. We’ll try to find the best possible approach to solve the problem.

We’ll start with all planned features for VisualARQ 3. The development of some of them has already begun, but we’re still on time to change them. If you have any new feature requests, please write us at, or create a new topic in the “VisualARQ” category.