Visual Studio Intellisense issue

Hi @dale, do you know why VS’s IntelliSense is having such difficulty with finding the functions that need to be overridden? Is there any way to fix this?

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Hi @jasongberger,

Sorry, but I’m not sure what difficulty you are having. Perhaps we need more details?

– Dale

I was responding to one of your replies of the last thread, a quick fix for hiding the IntelliSense errors that comes up during the tutorial (thank you for that, btw). I was looking through them, and it seems like Intellisense was having issues linking the functions of parent classes, which created an error note to the children’s function override specifier. A lot of them were trying to override the READ and WRITE functions from the ON_objects class (if I recall correctly).

Any ideas on how this can be resolved so Intellisense can be used?

@dale and any other Rhino developers:
I was wondering anyone else had this issue with VS 2019’s IntelliSense and was able to fix it or turn it off, or if there is another IDE you would recommend using.