Intellisense failure on the Rhino 7 C++ SDK

Hello -
when I worked on the MeshbExporter I noticed that Intellisense apparently has the habit of failing sporadically but drastically even though the build runs fine, when working on a plugin built with the Rhino 7 C++ SDK - anyone happens to know a fix for this?
Thx, M
In this screenshot, note that the build was successful.

Hi @mathias.fuchs,

I haven’t experienced “Intelliclunk” for a while, several Visual Studio releases I believe.

The way I used to work around this was to create a “RhinoSDK” C++ project that just included all of the SDK headers. Then I’d add this project to whatever solution I was working in.

– Dale

I see … that requires removing all SDK headers from the external dependencies of the original project and its inclusion directories, to avoid collisions, doesn’t it? Seems like quite a heavy workaround.
“Intelliclunk” seems like a minor problem but it affects the developer experience quite a bit.

No - the “RhinoSDK” project is it’s own project…

– Dale

Here is an sample of what I am talking about. (43.9 KB)

If you look in configuration manager, you’ll see that the RhinoSDK project is never built. But some some magic, having it included in the solution seems to solve intellisense issues…for me…

– Dale

Thanks, @dale … I think I understood what you mean and I tried adding your project “RhinoSDK” as a reference to my project (which goes back to some command plugin wizard). I get some error message about a missing file RhinoSDK.exe now, even though my project was building before. We are trying to add the same files twice now. Don’t know if that’s the new problem or another one.
Anyway, it is a relatively minor problem that concerns only the dev experience, not the actual build, so I don’t want to eat up too much resources with that. Thx again.

@mathias.fuchs - you should look at the sample I posted…

As I wrote, I did open your project RhinoSDK.

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