Viewport performance suffers in v7 vs v6


I’m seeing a significant performance drop in viewport navigation in Rhino v7 vs v6.

I’ve started testing v7 a week or so ago, and the Rendering and Arctic views are much more sluggish than in v6.





As you can see, in v7 when navigating, after some stutter - the boxed preview turns on instantly, while v6 doesn’t have any problem navigating and rendering the viewport.

All the settings are set to Rhino’s default values, except that the Rendering material preview is set for the Arctic view, and in v66 the gamma is lower.

I would like to note that the v7 views even without the rendering materials, but with the single material, even tho much better, it’s still slower than in v6.

The default renderer is VRay5.

I have 2 quite good machines that shouldn’t be having any problems with this model.

One i7 gen4 16GB RAM GPU-GTX1070 8G
One i9 gen9 32GB RAM GPU-GTX2070 8G

Hello @ANDhitecture,

Yes, it looks like something is definitely wrong in your v7 performance. Would it be possible for you to send us the model so that we can take a look? You can send it privately through this link:

Also, can you post your System Information that you get from Rhino 7 by going to Help -> System Information…?

Finally, can you check if the problem fixes itself if you don’t load VRay on startup?



Thanks for the reply.

Here is my System Info - Sys-Info.txt (2.0 KB)

The problem does not fix itself even when disabling VRay.

The model is currently uploading.

Thank you.


BUT - So sorry to jump-ship immediately.
Just opened an older project which is much bigger and it seems that everything works fine.

There is something in this particular model that’s causing the performance drop.

I’ll need to fix it.

But I’m still opening the same file in both versions.
I don’t get it.


This project was a SketchUp import, but at this point - I’ve completely remodeled the complete kitchen since the imported geometry was just bad.

There are a few blocks left from the original model, but even when deleting those, the problem persists.

I’m guessing there is something wrong with the imported VRay materials.

This is what I’ll be looking into next.

I don’t know what else could it be.


  • I’ve completely replaced all the geometry in the model.
  • Created all the materials again from scratch.
    • The textures I’m importing for custom materials are 2k max. It’s nothing serious.
    • Even tried with default VRay materials.
  • Purged everything that is not in use.

I might be seeing a slight performance improvement, but it’s still no way near to what I’m seeing in v6.


The performance issue you are experiencing has been fixed in Rhino 7 SR 2. You are going to have to wait until it is released (hopefully soon). You can speed up the viewport meanwhile by disabling Edge Softening on the objects.


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Great! Thank you.
As for edge softening - It doesn’t actually improve it as much.

Side-note - is there a way to see which edges cannot be softened in a model.
The command prompt tells us that there are some, but it would be nice if we could see which ones.

Just installed the SR Candidate for v7.2.2… and I can confirm that the Viewport Performance Issues are fixed.

Great work as always.

Indeed - and to be able to toggle them globally… there is a bug/wish for this.

RH-37258 Toggle mesh special effects


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Last update has fuycked something up. Now Arctic displays control points, and there is no way of removing them. Have tried every single setting but they remain there. It is on Meshes . Surfaces display aright…