ViewCapture In raytraced produces a black object

ViewCaptureToFile (or to clipboard) in raytraced spits out just a black object. Switch display mode back to rendered and run same command the result is as expected

What Rhino version?

At least capturing to clipboard work for me in my Rhino 6 and Rhino WIP on the mac.

From my Rhino 6 ( Rhino 6 SR22 2020-1-28 (Public Build, 6.22.20028.13212, Git hash:master @ 379871ece695dc096e83826f08b429db8ca2e7f5) )


@nathanletwory Rhino Mac WIP

Could you please post your _SystemInfo?

hth, Milezee System Info.txt (4.8 KB)

How peculiar. Are you sure Raytraced is actually running? The required plugin isn’t in the list of loaded plugins: RhinoCycles