View capture to file without video card

I am using a simple python script that captures to file all the named views of my rhino files.
Everything is fine until I try to run it trough the server machine in which we have a time based licence.
The server machine does not have a video card.
Is there any way around this?

Hi Andrea,

I solved it by scripting a render.
FWIW a dressed down verion of what we have running:

def render_preview(export3D_path):
    #if not rs.IsViewMaximized(): rs.Command('!_MaxViewport ')
    rs.Command('!-ViewportProperties CameraTarget w-10,-10,10 w0,0,0 _Enter')
    rs.Command('!ZEA ')
    preview_path = os.path.join(export3D_path, 'preview.png')
    sc.doc.Lights.Skylight.Enabled = True
    #sc.doc.GroundPlane.AutoAltitude = True
    sc.doc.GroundPlane.Enabled = False
    rs.Command('!_-DocumentProperties Render Resolution Type=Custom Width=640 Height=360 _Enter _Enter _Enter')
    rs.Command('!_Render ')
    rs.Command('!_-SaveRenderWindowAs "{}" '.format(preview_path))
    rs.Command('!_-CloseRenderWindow ')
    sc.doc.Lights.Skylight.Enabled = False


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Thank you @Willem, nice workaround!