Video texture internal file type?

@Joshua_Kennedy I tried a workaround to get a glowing video screen per V-Ray and place a light in fron of video texture plane. In CPU mode it works, but in GPU mode it looks wrong. Could it be that the internal used texture format is an exotic image format? What do you think?



Wouldn’t that be more of an issue on V-Ray side, considering it is a difference between CPU and GPU?

I thought it could be an image format which isn’t fully supported by GPU, maybe bmp.

That’s odd but I don’t think it’s a Bongo issue. The texture is delivered the same regardless of the renderers mode. This looks like a V-Ray issue.

Is it a temporary file which I can find somewhere? I would like to use the image file for a report to the V-Ray team.

No, that processing is done internally. Perhaps a screen grab of the correct frame would work?