Video Texture Quality

Hi all!
When I apply video texture on the surface, the frame quality of the video is getting too low (it becomes super pixelated). Same low quality in preview and rendering as well. Is there any way to improve it? I was also trying to make different formats and size of the video source, but no success.

Thank you in advance!

What renderer are you using? Flamingo nXt 5?
I just noticed that at least Flamingo nXt 5 doesn’t fully support this feature even though it should. I’ll let the developers know.

What you can do to solve this problem temporary is to go to Tools > Options > Rendering. Change the Texture Size to the biggest size possible. Does that make a difference?
After you’re finished with the rendering you might want to put the setting back to the lowest size, otherwise you might experience slowness in your viewport.

I am using V-Ray.

But the Texture Size works very well. It really helped! Thank you very much!!!

Ok, well V-Ray doesn’t support the RDK features so that’ll be why.
Nice to know that the Texture size -fix helped.