Video Picture frame for reference

Hello All,
I am trying to match some object movement from a video and apply it to an animated object using Bongo.
Is it possible to place a Rhino " picture frame" into my view port with a video applied to it instead of a picture ?
I have usually done this with 3Ds Max.

I guess this is what you are looking for:


Hi Luc,

Thank you very much for that.

FYI, I couldn’t find the “bongo video texture”, in any of my usual listed materials .
It wasn’t until I found the " Choose from more Texture Types " button at the bottom right of the screen to enable the bongo video textures :slight_smile:


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Indeed Mike, I overlooked that the tutorial video uses Rhino 5.0.
In Rhino 6.0 the More Types button is a bit less exuberant than in 5.0

Rhino 5.0

Rhino 6.0


I’m curious how the video texture works and tested it here, but I can’t set a frame number, the value of -1 can’t be changed.

I don’t have so much avi or mpeg files, attached my test video file. Is it ok?
Could mp4 be added to the supported file formats please?

-Micha (840.8 KB)

That’s a bug and I’ve logged it here. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ll dig into it more.

Have you tried any other video files, or is that the only one?

The mp4 support request is logged here if you want to watch for progress.

Good idea, I tried an other file and it works. :slight_smile: … also per V-Ray. :slight_smile:

@Joshua_Kennedy I saved my Rhino 6 test file and opened it at Rhino 7, but it doesn’t work. Looks like the video texture type is missing.

On my system I get this issue with a OGV file.
When I try to open an AVI file (tried with various files) Rhino simply closes .

All the other file formats perform normally.