Vertical text

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is there a way to creat vertical text in rhino?
when i creat text in rhino with “text object”, the text that created, it’s formed horizontal.
i want it to be vertical.
how can i do it?
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First you need to change the Cplane to a vertical Cplane,The second step then use the “text object” command.
like this

hi :grinning:
thanks for the help.
I apologize, I did not explain the question properly.
what i mean by vertical is in the image with the name “thomas”

is there a way? :thinking:
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unfortunately not…

i found that this has been wished 3 years ago here but it has been ignored since.
here a tracker for the wish. i would see use for this myself.

doing it manually can of course work but this is bothersome if you have to break each letter separately, editing this would be just pure waist of time. and even worse text aligned along a curve like below would imply breaking the editability completely.

we can ask @lowell if he knows any kind of progress,
or if any intentions exist to make that happen at all.


the only way to creat vertical text and not manually is to creat it in a grahpic program that can do this, save as a curves, and then import it into rhino and extrude.
or Maybe Other 3d software and import it into rhino.

I can’t help feeling that there must be a way to do this using Grasshopper.
I have been trying using ‘orient’ component but difficulties arise with letters/numbers which are comprised of more than one curve, like R ,P, A, etc.
So far I’ve not succeeded…

Done it!
Make the text curves into surfaces using ‘boundary surface’
Then Orient using planes on a vertical line divided by the number of letters
Finally extract the edges.
Job done

A solution with Elefront: (12.6 KB)

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