Vector Not Rotating Vertically

Hi Experts

I have created a Vector by to points longitudinally . But for offset above i have tried to rotate Vector by 90 degree to make perpendicular geometry. i cant get success. kindly share your experience . and have a great day.

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Steel (28.4 KB)

post he screen shot what u looking for !
if u looking for vertical vector choose z vector directly
no need to rotate the vector

actually i dont get your question much

Hi Rajeev
Thanks for reply. but actually the bridge i am modelling is in slope so top geometry must of perpendicular on bottom geometry. by using simply z will move geometry straight upward instead of Perpendicular which will impact the whole geometry.
kindly see screen shot. as i am rotating vector by 90 deg. then it turn away from the original alignment.

i think u u looking for it

Yes Exactly.
Thanks very much. have a nice day. and keep it up to share your experience.

another option