VBS (VBA) question for events - collecting fileInfo (Offtopic)

Hi there,

This is not a Rhino related question but a general task. I am looking for a solution for drag and drop files (or folder) events in Visual Basic - or similar. I would like to drag file(s) from Windows Explorer (or from the Desktop) and at the moment of selecting the files (or drag them) run the script. So the script can be triggered until the files is being dropped.

I have checked some solutions and still checking. I also found some alternatives such as “Send to” or dragging the files onto the script files but these are not what I want.

I also thought about VBS vs VBA. Well, the script should be a command line script or program and the function is to get the files path into clipboard or a txt file.

If someone could give me a hint where to start searching that would be great. I am most familiar with Python.