VB to C# translation confusion in the morning hours[solved]?

Hi all,
I found a formula in a C# component which is the following:
double alpha1 = 2d * Math.Atan(Math.Sqrt((2d * Math.Sqrt(k2 * -(k1 - k2)) + k1 - 2 * k2) / k1));
Could somebody tell me what 2d is?
It is not declared, so it is not a custom variable.
Or maybe it’s just to late…?

Thanks everybody!

please post the entire code inside the c# component and / or better a .gh file, that uses the c# component in question.
it will be quite hard to help without this context.

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I found the error, It came from the automatic translation from vb to c#. It means just 2 times.Sille me.
That one really hurts…
Sorry for the unnesarry question and thanks for the answer @Tom_P

please mark the topic as solved.
and maybe change the title to something that is more precise
“automatic translation vb to c# - ??? became 2d”
so others don t need to dig into the topic - just to see that no more action / help is required.

good night - tom

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The original vb code is:

alpha1 = (2 * Math.ATan(Math.Sqrt((2 * Math.Sqrt(k2 * ( -(k1 - k2))) + k1 - (2 * k2)) / k1)))

so * changed to d.