Variable radius fillet .... dirty + shell : asking second distance point

Can you help me with that ?
When I do variable radius filet the result is dirty, then I have also : Failure in building corners.

When I want to shell , after selecting the face , I must give a second distance point …

I’am a very beginner , so I know it may be boring for you guys very expert …
Thank you

Could you post that 3d model with instructions on which radius you want on which edge?

bottle rhino 3.3dm (380.9 KB)
Hello Wim,
I send you the file with the work I did.
I have 2 problems
1-I’am able to change the radius on edges , but I have problems with the edges I did using wirecut : see some black spots between the rails , and also I had this messge : Failure in building corners.
2-when I try to shell the entire object I must give a second distance point.
I did shell before , when the bottle was more simple and it was OK , I didn’t hav to choose another point.

Maybe it is difficult for me to do command I do them with touch pad ?
Thank you

  1. I’m not sure which command you used to fillet the surfaces there - I tried with FilletEdge with a radius of 0.1 and that appears to work fine.

  2. I used the Shell command on the top surface with wall thickness 0.3 and that did produce an offset surface. It failed to make a solid - the fillet at the top edge prevents this. I was only asked for a distance one time - not sure what you did. Note that for a simple shape like this one, I would be easier to just offset the input curves and revolve those. That will give you a lot cleaner geometry to work with.

bottle rhino 3-wrmd.3dm (851.9 KB)

Dear Wim, I will try to understand what you did to obtain the result I received. Thank you very much Elisabeth

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Thank you very much Wim, I will check the file you sent me I try to understand !