Variable Mesh Edges Thickness (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonals)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to achieve a mesh thickness but with 3 different values for 3 edge types.
I have vertical, horizontal and diagonals edges, and I need to control their thickness and offset value independetly.

I have been using weavebird to both offset and then extrude the mesh edges, but I cant discern from the 3 edge types.

Mesh Variable (37.3 KB)

Right now all edges have same offset value and same thickness/depth value.

Thanks for any help

Edit: Sorry, the geometry is internalized now.

Internalize data:

I was thinking of how to do thid with a mesh and I think its quite more difficult than it maybe seems
. Maybe @tim.stark has an idea.

I just put a triangulated meshplane as input to be able to play around.
Since I start my labors now I wont have time to think of how to solve it.