Va assigns Handedness to Symmetrical Window Assemblies

This means that if symmetrical windows are placed through mirroring, which is typical, tables don’t recognize identical openings as identical and create a separate opening citation for each identical opening. To be properly ‘tabled’ some of the windows must be mirror-copied along their own axes. Identifying which ones is tricky. This is the only way I was able to get the table to only cite each window opening size once.

In a what may be a related issue, I am getting persistent inverted text in a tag object.

Hi Djhg,
When you “copy-mirror” a window (except when you do it along its own axis) the opening side changes and that makes the two windows be different and labeled differently in Opening Elevations.

Regarding the inverted text issue , can you share the model where this happens? What VisualARQ/Rhino SR version are you using?

By the way, if you don’t want to list these windows as individual items in the table, just uncheck the “Opening Side” property, from the Fields tab, after selecting the “Quantity” property field.

Thanks, but what I suggest is that for double windows or doors (e.g a double casement window arrangement as on my example above), Opening Side Left or Right (if I’m understanding the term) doesn’t apply: each unit contains both a Left and a Right opening panel. It would be intuitive and practical if the system simply left the field blank for those cases and recognized both instances as identical windows/doors and openings.

This may correct itself after opening and closing a file. (It’s back to normal today though it hasn’t been edited in any way.) However, you should be able to reproduce the behaviour, in my most recently uploaded file, by mirroring back and forth (along it’s own x axis) a tagged window which is aligned with the global y axis,

Actually it does. Even though the VisualARQ double leaf doors and windows are simple in terms of representation, they represent real openings that have handles and which their opening side matters and make them be different kind of openings. Also double leaf windows may have different leaf widths, one might be fixed or not, and dealing with all these cases differently when copy-mirroring them might be confusing for the user.

Thanks. Yes, I see why it needs to be as it is.

Here is when I get an inverted tag, by the way. (Mirroring a tagged window across the y axis.) It doesn’t correct itself if I mirror the window across its x axis; and though I think that opening and closing the file has corrected this in the past, it didn’t in this case. It tends to correct itself over time, I believe, but I don’t know what operations do that.

Hi, if you update the mirrored tag (with the vaUpdate command) the text will be displayed properly.