V8 Raytraced/ChangeQueue material assignment to instances broken

Material assignments involving instances are not working correctly in v8 Raytraced/ChangeQueue (I am on 8.0.23048.16305, win11); using the attached file, which has a block definition with two cubes, both set to by-parent assignment, and two instances of the block, both set to by-layer assignment:

  1. dragging a material onto an instance does update the render correctly, regardless whether you choose to assign inside the instance
  2. dragging a material onto the layer tree does not work at all, you must click & use the dialog to choose
  3. using the layer material dialog to assign the layer material does not cause the render to update correctly

Assignments will show up as expected in obj props > material and in the layer tree, but the viewport must be switched to some other display mode, then back to raytraced (or whatever other similar realtime display mode you are using), to force a fresh export to the renderer.

by-parent-mat-issue-v8.3dm (375.3 KB)