Bug? Render View can't assign material to intended objects

In render view, can’t seem to copy the material to intended objects.
In wireframe it is ok.

  1. In material panel, click and start dragging material.
  2. Put mouse cursor over object to assign material.
    -> the object which the mouse cursor is over is not highlighted and either nothing is highlighted or other object.

Hi Toshiaki - so far this works here - is the scene complex when this happens?


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It seems the file I had problem with had lots of environment file dowloaded to it. File was couple hundred MB.

I’ll check if that is issue… also will try out the new WIP.

Deleted the environment file and using latest SEP20th WIP and working ok.
Though the object itseelf is notso heavy but, problem seemed to be heavy file due to many HDRI attached. Thank you @pascal