V7 related posts to normal Rhino for Windows/Mac?

As V7 is out - at what point should posts about current V7 issues (bugs, etc) be posted to the normal Rhino for Windows/Mac categories?

Of course enhancement requests and future wishes should still be in Serengeti, and I assume a V8 WIP will be up there soon - I guess on or near the date of the official launch.

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Hi Mitch -

You can start using the regular Win/Mac categories now for V7 issues.

If all goes well, that should be available on the date of the official launch, yes.

I am confused… Didn’t the official launch just happen?

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We had a soft launch where we have not sent out any sort of marketing. Our plan is to start actually telling people outside of this forum that V7 is released in a few weeks when SR1 is ready.


Ah okay, now I get it.
Thanks for clearing that up! :+1:t2:

To answer directly, I would post new V7 questions in the Rhino for Windows/Rhino for Mac categories now.

Use Serengeti for existing V7 threads.

When The V8 WIP is available, those new message should go into Serengeti.

The boundary between the categories will be a little more squishy than usual.

The same thing happened with the V5 to V6 roll out.

No users or developers were harmed in the process, but us support monkeys were banged up a bit.