Rhino for windows or Serengeti?

I may be missing the point here but if ‘rhino for windows’ was for V5 and Serengeti was for V6WIP, shouldn’t the stuff now in Serengeti be ported to ‘rhino for windows’ and Serengeti be for V7 WIP?

As far as I understand, the categories are not linked to specific versions. Serengeti is for WIP - any kind of WIP. @brian posts news about the release of a RH6 service release Candidate in the Serengeti category.

As for porting threads to another category, a lot of threads in the Serengeti category are on features that are still in WIP. Would us using a lot of resources trying to sort through several years of threads solve a particular problem for you?

Nope! Just didn’t realise Serengeti was all WIP related.