V6 wish, improved “patch”

Without distracting too much from the pillar goal of a SubD tool in V6 :wink: , a patch command with G2 continuity and the ability to extend the patch surface further from the surface edges if wanted (with more extended control than currently possible with the “stiffness” parameter).


Thanks for the request. This has come up before and is filed as http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-12267 . I’ll add this forum thread as an additional note. It’s unclear if the existing patch command can be tweaked to allow G2 but if you have a sample model that shows the need that might help spawn some new ideas.

I talked to Dale about the math support for G2 patch some time ago. He said that he could write something to attempt it, given enough time, but that he didn’t expect that it would work very well. He’s a bit of a cynic, but the return on the fairly substantial programming time is the hold-up for now.

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Thank you for the replies. Here is my idea of what the future patch could idealy do. Note that the "future patch " here is just a revolve so the surface topology is not that of a patch,


Hi Joao,
That would be a useful thing all right.
I don’t see it as a natural growth from Patch in the near future, but Brian has written a feature request for curvature matching (which was, and remains on the wishlist) so we won’t loose track of the idea.


Hi Lowell,

Thank you for the feedback on the idea.


You’ve come to the right place but please post your 3dm file as well.

EDIT: … and don’t post the same issue in different threads :wink:

Thanks for your notice. I posted the same one with attached file as another issue. So I deleted the previous one.