V6 / V7 material library download to offline computer

I watched Brian James’ rendering video https://vimeo.com/268449998 in which he references a command to download the entire material library for offline use. This assumes a computer which is online for downloading and taken offline for Rhino use.

In my case my Rhino computer is permanently offline. Is there a process for downloading the material library to a separate computer which is online but doesn’t have Rhino installed so the library can be transferred by sneaker net to the Rhino computer?

Also: do V6 and V7 use the same material library or do I need to download 2 separate libraries?

sure, install the eval on your online machine, download the material to a sneakernet device and then uninstall the eval from the online machine (or not, it’ll be good for 90 days)

Not a bad idea and it never occurred to me. What I was hoping for was a link to a file so I could just download it like the offline help file.

this help?

Yes, thanks. Don’t know why I didn’t spot this when I searched the forum.