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I would like to get more control about the layer-visibility. Please insert transparency sliders. This would bring you a better overview if you work with complex models. I attached an example how i could look like.
I look forward to your feedback.

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transparency is a material property which you can set by layer by applying materials with transparency to the layers where you need them. Materials are shown in Rendered viewport displaymode only by default.

Alternatively, you can get transparency without creating extra materials by using the Ghosted viewport display mode.

Note that the first method using different materials allows to set individual transparency values for each layer, while the second method uses the same transparency for all shadeable objects defined under:

Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > Ghosted > Shading Settings > Transparency


I know both ways but they are very unhandy. It would be easier to handle if there would be a transparency slider as I shown up at the UI sketch I made. Known from photoshop and archicad. it gives you a better comparison between the layers.

does this post belongs to another topic?

this seems helpful. how did you do it? is that a scprit that you put in?

Hey, thanks for your Feedback. I made this Screenshot from the rui with Photoshop. I’m not a scripte… can you Script something like this?

Another feature would be great. It should doesn’t matter if the objects laying in the same cplane. real move to front and move to back views. Look at the sitting guy. He has an white hatch. He’s in front of the plan. the sideboard should be under him.

Again I would like to promote this powerful sliders. They would bring 2D and 3D Modelling to another level. For architectural drawings they would be really helpful.

Hi all, I’d like to contribute to this old topic to mention that VisualARQ (since version 2.0), includes a new Display mode called “Conceptual” that lets you assign a Transparency factor by layer. You just need to do right click on the desired layer and set the Transparencey factor in the Command line. You can watch it in this video: https://youtu.be/k4VjxzLi2us

Sorry for digging this old guy up. But in light of the support for transparency with hatches I’d love to know if this was a planned feature. Transparency by layer would be super useful in a lot of different cases