V6 materials could use more map slots not just the standard 4

Before I mainly exported out of Rhino to texture and render in other programs. Currently I’m importing into Rhino to render and do quick animations, but V6 materials could use more map slots not just the standard 4 so my imported object files could be rendered with more gusto.
The standard 4…
color (Maybe this should be renamed to diffuse?)

But what about these map types that are exported when I use blender cycles material in my export program?
emissive - no channel in Rhino?
normal - no channel ( I noticed that if export from 3dcoat a blender cycles materials with obj export this map ends up in the bump - channel which is good I guess.}
reflection - no channel for this and if added in environment channel produces weird results not in original file.
roughness - not quite sure but also no channel in Rhino
diffuse - color and is in Rhino as the color channel.

In 3dsmax we have control and ability to add texture maps to these channels. Any possibility of getting these channels in Rhino V6, it seems cycles blender can support all these channels as texture maps too?
Ambient color( no map option in Rhino)
diffuse color
specular color( no map option in Rhino)
specular level( no map option in Rhino)
Glossiness ( no map option in Rhino)
Self illumination ( no map option in Rhino)
opacity (Maybe in another location?)
filter color (Maybe in another location?)
reflection ( no map option in Rhino)
refraction ( no map option in Rhino)
displacement ( Operator located in different place maybe should be added in material options as well in Rhino)

We could have a few more map types and map options in V6. Also ability to use image sequences and avi/movie files as a bit map texture under the color channel.


Can you give me an example where that would be useful for you?

@andy I think this question is for you…

Hi Brian,
Yes, I just did an animation of office cubicles with monitors I need to put animations on each monitor screen, but Rhino doesn’t support avi or image sequence so no go on that I could only do a static image on each monitor.

This would be useful for environment maps, you can use an avi as an environment and composite your moving animation on top of it. Then I could have clouds or sun moving.
If we had this we could do moving water via bump channel, clouds and other fx.
Thanks for asking,

You can do this in Bongo already.


Hi Andy,
My understanding was that bongo does not support avi and image sequences yet? That was in a recent discussion maybe this has changed? See the discussion trying to add avi rendering to monitor within bongo.

Also the cost of adding in bongo and it’s limited abilities just was not my cup of tea. When I need to go to an animation program I need more than what bongo can deliver, it’s really not geared for animators animation, to me it’s more for modelers who want to get a hinge joint moving. I’m using the default standard animation tools provided with vanilla rhino. It’s just that rendering is getting better and faster and I can do my animation tests and even small segments in Rhino for storyboarding and for figuring out camera attacks. The image sequence ability would be nice addition to vanilla rhino, also a playback player instead of the html file being written would be a nice addition as well.