Uv's for use in substance painter

I have been following this really good texture mapping video on YouTube -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQW1ke4cdII .
Once I have a checker texture scaled to where I want it how do I apply it to the model for export to painter ?
I have managed to do it once ( fluke ) but every subsequent effort when baking in painter its as it was before I changed it in Rhino ?


@lordarchiebald what format are you using to export your objects? Once you have applied texture coordinates, you should be able to retain these in the exported mesh object.

Apologies have only just noticed this reply.
Exporting as FBX.

Hi @lordarchiebald ,

The FBX exporter needs work in Rhino and I’ve filed some issues for the developers already specifically regarding workflows to Painter. In my testing, a custom unwrap in Rhino and the GLTF format worked the best. I think there are some Painter bugs too though that make the texture not show up there but the UVs are maintained. I hope that helps.