UV mapping for mesh faces

When I draw UV editor for a mesh, it shows mini faces on it. I can select a mini-face, which will highlight the relevant face on mesh.
Now, I am mapping a building. I want to do the opposite. To click on mesh face (like I do with ctrl+shift+click) in order to highlight the relevant mini face. How can I achieve this? Because it’s really hard to guess which mini face is the front wall, 2nd or 3rd floor wall etc.

I am so sorry if I put this in different forum. I am a newbie.

Sad, nobody has answer. I thought it will be easy in powerful soft like Rhino.

Hi @Abelyanhayk852

First of all, I hope you do realize that most people here provide help and answers on their own free time and will. As for the official McNeel employees, most are in the US and therefore off work when you posted your question and still sound asleep right now. But I digress…
I don’t think it’s possible to have the selection shown the other way around, but if you use one the UV maps (the textures with numbers on them), it should be quite easy to identify/locate exactly which mesh island is which. Also, if it’s a complicated mesh, sometimes it’s easier to separate them into smaller chunks, especially if they are unwelded anyway.
HTH, Jakob

Thank you very much, my bad, I had posted in wrong forum.