UV - Editor

one question about the UV texture mapping.
In wich priority is the UV-Editor and the other tools to create a good texture mapping on your development list.
It is not so important yet but I only want to ask because with this tools the visualisations are much better I think :smile:

best regards Pascal

The unfortunate answer is “low on the priority list” for Rhino 5 for Mac. The UVEditor command is part of (what we call) the RDK - the Renderer Development Kit. Only tiny portions of the RDK have been migrated to Rhino 5 for Mac (for many thorny technical reasons). That said, the RDK is looking good post-Rhino 5 for Mac. We’d rather avoid a stop-gap solution in Rhino 5 for Mac, but if the need for the UVEditor is really great, we may have to reconsider.

Sorry I can’t give a more “positive” answer.

Thanks for the answer. At the moment it is still okay without it and I have the biggest respect for your long long long long… development. And the energy you spend on it and I look with a smile to the future of Rhino MAC an the McNeel plugins.

Some advice relating to the missing UV-Editor:
At the moment I use Photoshop CS6 extended to create complex UV-Maps. I make the new UV maps before I send the data to my Rendersystem (Maxwell or Keyshot).
It is not the best solution but it still works.

Regards Pascal