Using the Export Script option in the new Script Editor node

Hi everyone,

I’ve been testing the “Export Script” option in the context menu for the new Script Editor node in GH/Rhino 8 today, and I’m struggling to understand how this is supposed to be used. After exporting my Python code to a file, it appears that any changes to that file or to the code in the Editor are synced bi-directionally as long as Grasshopper is open, but any changes made to the Python file after Grasshopper is closed are missing after I re-open the definition.

I can’t find any documentation for this feature at all - how is this intended to work?

The workflow I’m trying to piece together is to maintain a Git repository of Python scripts that I can track changes to, and reference those scripts inside of a Grasshopper definition.

@eirannejad I read through the mega-thread for the Script Editor and couldn’t find any mention of this feature, but I’m assuming you’re the one to ask here. Amazing work on the editor overall - having in-project debugging is incredible!

@Nate_Peters The “Export Script” is only there to allow saving the component script into a file. There is no association between the file and the component. However you can “Shift Click” on the component and add the script input parameter, and the pass the script path to the input and mark it as Input is Path

I’m working on the documentation for all these under the Scripting section here

The script input param is exactly what I was missing. Thanks @eirannejad! Looking forward to the docs.

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