Using pancake to import from sketchup

Hi friends

Im having troubles with the pancake plugin. Anyone have experience with this?

My model from sketch up consist of various blocks placed in a grid. When importing, using pancake, they all place themselves in 0,0…How do get them back to their origanal placement from the sketch up model?

I have attached the sketch up file and the .ghp file.

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile: it would be a really big help.


Arne Rask_dxf_test2.skp (277.8 KB)
nesting reol 220222 (20.2 KB)

I’m sorry block import via ImportFrom is not fully supported as of now. What you saw are merely the definitions instead of instances of those blocks. If you don’t need to automate the procedure (say there’s only one SKP file to be imported), it’s probably better to handle the import manually.

The second thing I noticed in your SKP file is that all the panels are in one big component. You should try to explode them into individual components in SketchUp.

Dear Keyu

Thank you for the answer!

I have also tried to explode them in sketchup…its still the same resault…:slight_smile:

If you ever consider to devellop it further ill be the first to applause you!

Thank you again

You can, sort of, do the following:

(1) explode them once in SketchUp so that every panel become individual component.
(2) use ImportToDoc, DeleteOnLayer (from Human), and Extended Geometry (from Elefront) to simulate the behavior.

0301 (11.7 KB)

The procedure has flaws. It may not work when you have blocks with same names from different files, and may require manual Purge in Rhino, if changes from the SKP file are not reflected.

It’s also better not to filter layers at the Import component if you need objects on other layers in any following step.