Digitaser Imerson G2LX don't work

I push the connect buttom and nothing happened

I assume you are talking about the:
Immersion MicroScribe G2X digitiser

Make sure you watch the spelling of important parts of your question. Also, did you, if applicable, install the software etc. you should really give some more information.

Hi @karpeshinn,

do you have the MUS (Microscribe Utility Software) installed ?

Once this is done, you might be able to troubleshoot connection problems in this order:

  1. Disconnect all cables from the G2LX device
  2. Reboot Computer, do not open Rhino yet
  3. Connect cables from right to left to the G2LX in this order: Foot or Handswitch, Powercable, USB Connection
  4. At this point your LED on the G2LX should be red
  5. Open MUS (MicroScribe Utility Software), if the G2LX does not work you will get a connection error
  6. Bring the G2LX in home position and press the HOME button on the backside of the G2LX device
  7. At this point your LED on the G2LX should turn green

To check if things work right, use / move the G2LX and watch the MUS dialog, you should see the movement in the displayed XYZ coordinates. If you´ve got this far, your device seems to be working.
Open Rhinoceros v4 or v5

  • From the 3-D Digitizing toolbar, use the first button or type _Digitizer
  • A dialog comes up asking to select Digitizer choose “MicroScribe Digitizer”

you get asked by Rhino to calibrate the Origin and X+Y Axes, or if things fail, a connection error dialog. Please let us know at which point things are failing for you.


That problem only in mac version in win version all work properly
and i don’t see MUS for mac

get in touch or login at revware.net to find out if there is MUS for the MAC. For Rhino, there is only support using PC (Windows) yet, see this list