Using import utils (to create location dict)?

I can’t seem to track down “utils” in the API pages. Anyone have a link to where I can read up on this?

You don’t mean the core module?:

I don’t believe so…

A repository from gitHub has a number of scripts similar to ones I’ve been working on, and I’m looking to learn from the structure and mimic/use some snippets.

Here’s the beginning of the script for “”which references scripts and data in the system folders.

import utils

def GetDict():
    fileLocations = {
    'Layers' : r'D:\….

It goes on to list many locations and files.
I’m sure the explanation runs fairly deep (eg. using Dictionaries) which I haven’t begun to learn yet. But I figure the “import util” is a good place to start following the thread, and then understanding Config files, etc.


Depends on what the repository does. Maybe it has its own utils module.

Ah, thanks, Nathan. Maybe I’ll reach out to them and if it’s anything interesting, I’ll report back to close out the thread.