Imported files not reloaded

I have these 2 files:

In I import something from

If I make changes in I need to quit Rhino and open it again for the changes to take effect. This is quite disturbing for any development flow. Am I missing something? Is there any way I can reset the Python environment in some way, without quitting the application?


you usually use the reload function to handle that without quitting the application. I think it also works with IronPython.

I can confirm:

from imp import reload

it is a good idea to remove it again when you have finished developing to avoid the reload time.

Thanks Nathan and Graham!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for object imports:

If a module imports objects from another module using from … import …, calling reload() for the other module does not redefine the objects imported from it — one way around this is to re-execute the from statement, another is to use import and qualified names ( instead.

I ended up refactoring quite a lot of code to fully qualified imports, and then reloading the imported modules during development at the beginning of the commands.

Thanks for your help!