Using Galapagos to change variables of function in order to have result, which equal to defined value

Could anyone please help me with the following problem; using Galapagos in Grasshopper.

I would like to change the genomes; variable x and variable y so that the result of the given function, 0.0000045*x³+y, reaches the defined number in the panel. The number in the panel can be defined as 46.71 , for example.

My idea is to use division component A/B between the result of the function R and the defined number in the panel. Here the result of the function R is defined as A and the number in the Panel is defined as B.

So Galapagos should change the variable x and variable y to get A/b=1. However, I do not know how to set up the options in Galapagos in order to solve this problem.

Here is a screenshot of the problem.

Here is the Grasshopper code. (11.0 KB)

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thank you very much for solving the problem by categorizing it.

At least now it will be seen by someone that can help.
I do not “Grasshopper”.

Hi - something like this, perhaps? (9.0 KB)
When letting Galapagos look for the best minimum, a common way to set it up is to take the absolute value and get as close as possible to zero.


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Super cool. It works perfectly. Thank you very much for this answer.