Problem-solving in Galapagos

Hi dear friends
I am looking for a problem-solving in the Galapagos. But I will not succeed.
As you can see in the figure, for example, I want to find the values of X,Y,Z,U so that the answer to the equation (R) was 552. How can I do this? Of course, I also used the threshold option, but I realized that this option has another function.
Can anyone explain me? Thanks (8.9 KB) (9.0 KB)

you are amazing @Joseph_Oster thank you so much.
just a question. I just can not understand the function of the deduction and then the absolute. Can you give me a brief explanation !! Thanks again

I changed the Galapagos ‘Fitness’ to ‘Minimize’ so the subtraction and absolute value result in the optimal solution being near zero. The negative inputs (two sliders) complicate matters since negative results are less than zero. I won’t guarantee it’s correct, I just stopped when it looked close.

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In principle, this equation is considered zero. Of course, this works right for me. Anyway, thank you for this valuable guide.