Using 'Bounce' cmd with History?

Is there any way to get the Bounce cmd to work with History? I’m running Rhino5 for MAC, and doing some lighting reflection simulations for some stuff I’m building. Being able to see the the bounce rays update when I modify my surface would be extremely useful. thanks! -david

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Again I find myself needing this feature. Any chance to get Bounce working with History, so that my reflection rays update when I edit my surface? Would be super useful.

I filed this as since it is the same in Windows Rhino. The change would need to happen there before the Mac version could inherit it. I’m not sure if it’s possible though as the history update would be seen when editing the child (surface) not the parent (vector) which is how all other history relationships update. I’m sure you could do it in Grasshopper but that’s only on Windows Rhino for the moment.

cool thanks Brian!