Using BIM360 with Rhino and Grasshopper files

When using Rhino.Inside.Revit do you wish you could use BIM360 to store the most recent Rhino and Grasshopper files as part of the project also. It is now possible to use Rhino and Grasshopper files in BIM 360 benefiting from the backup, versioning and file locking that BIM 360 offers.

BIM360 will lock files if currently open by another person. @eirannejad has made it possible for Rhino and Grasshopper to use BIM360 file locking in Rhino. The BIM360 File Locker for Rhino is available whether in Rhino.Inside.Revit or in Rhino by itself.

For details on install, configuration and use of the BIM360 File Locker for Rhino see the video:


Hello @scottd and @eirannejad,

This is an underrated plugin! However, it doesn’t seem to be showing up in the Package Manager search bar anymore? I was following the naming in the tutorial youtube video.

I can still build from source but would prefer to use yak.


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Can you find the BIM360FileLockerForRhino?

No unfortunately it isn’t showing up at all in my package manager.

I’ve tried with RiR for Revit 2023 and normal R7.


Click on include pre-release at the bottom left. Does it show then?


Boom, there it is. Thanks!

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Good that worked. We will get that fixed.

@scottd does it work also with ACC?

We think so, but it is hard to tell exactly where ACC is at the moment. How much of ACC are you using?

Not much, but we’re starting deploying project on ACC rather than BIM360 to get more potentialities of the cloud services provided by Autodesk, so in the future we will be forced to find a way. At the moment we can still manage content on the company server, but our ambition is to have all project files on the cloud.

There are a number of ways that Rhino and GH file can and will be used in the Autodesk cloud systems.

We have the BIM360 Locker plugin that we can adapt as the Autodesk system evolves.

But, there is also the new Rhino Connector in the ACC that is in Beta.

hi @scottd,
that’s good to hear. As the Data exchange is in Revit 2023 and in Beta, I didn’t dare to try it yet, but will keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

First off, Thank You! This greatly reduces save times when staff are working remotely, vs saving over VPN. From my testing it seems Rhino worksessions do not work on BIM360, as the path is to the initial user’s personal autodesk docs path in their user profile. is there another way to use worksessions on BIM360? I could be missing something obvious.


Relative paths on worksession has been the wish list for a while. Currently scheduled for ‘Future’

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That’s interesting. Are you using ACC or BIM360? We are on ACC and worksessions appear to be working. The only caveat is sometimes manual syncing is required prior to opening up a worksession.

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The plugin works for both BIM360 and ACC

@scottd & @eirannejad

Placing / Opening / Saving Rhino & Grasshopper Files on BIM360/ACC

Will Autodesk tokens be consumed with using this service?

Additional to Revit tokens and Revit Cloud Worksharing Tokens (STC).

Its been working great… Just wondering on the above

Regards Chris Pires

As far as i can tell no.