User text with Human and Python Crash

Hello everybody,
when I work on the user text with python or human or other plugins allowing to edit the object attributes, the opening of the property / user text window, Rhino crash if it was not opened a first time before editing attributes with Grasshopper.
I have seen this on several pc.

Have you ever had this problem?


Exactly this!
Very disruptive.
I am using rhinoscriptsyntax.GetUserText() & rhinoscriptsyntax.SetUserText().

Hello - thanks for the report - can ou please provide the exact steps to reproduce this?


Hard to tell exactly what leads up to it.

The trigger is the opening of the property / user text window for an object selected in the rhino viewport
As stated above, the crash occurs if you have run the gh script (which uses both rhinoscriptsyntax.GetUserText() & rhinoscriptsyntax.SetUserText().) and if you have not allready opened the menu before running the script. Havent gotten further in the debugging - sorry.

any news? - this is really disruptive for various workflows

Maybe you can post an example file that demonstrates this behaviour (the GHPython code in particular would probably be relevant). I just tried provoking a crash based on the described steps, but didn’t manage.

On a sidenote, does anyone know what these new yellow dots do: