User customized node color

I think this question relates to custom changing node colors for a certain plugin (I was astonished by the overhaul that “Monolith” did with the nodes and all, but my question aims a little lower.
Would it be possible to change the colors of nodes? I’ve been working with graphing software and colors help me visually identify the nature of the nodes (the content is in the text). I mean sort of what groups do when nodes are separated but without drawing the bubbles.
I’m writting in GH2 because I’m afraid it is not possible in GH1, or is it?

No, it is not possible in GH1. You can change the colors of the default capsule styles in the grasshopper_gui.xml, but you can’t change just one/some of them them per category or per user decision. All capsules will have the same colors unless that from code you customize the capsule.

Here you can see the possibilities of creation in GH2 capsules. No idea if it will allow to the user change the color of some capsules. However, in their recent videos the components do not seem to use these new features much.

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