Component output color


Is there any way to change individually the color of these little half circles?
I am searching for a way to show if the component outputs anything or not. For now I can only see this information by connecting geometry components:

the color of the cable usually helps…
my 2 cents

Yes but in that way I need to connect the additional components. Wondering if there is any hack possible?


Except with the custom implementation of Grasshopper.Kernel.GH_Attributes.Render,I don’t see.
Most rendering utilities are in GH_CapsuleRenderEngine

Maybe a simpler solution can be to change the name of the parameter (geometry [6] from six geometries).


Probably, in the past there were plug-ins that fully customized their look and wire display, like for instance Millipede:

I don’t know how though.

by implementing their own Attributes

What kinda attributes?


It controls how component is rendered and how it interacts with user input.