Use List Chunks to Move Other Chunks of Lists

Dear Grasshopper-users,

I have defined 3 sets of lines based on:

  • One list to define all top coordinates
  • One list to define all bottom coordinates
  • One list to split the list into 3 chunks of 4 values
  • One list to place these 3 sets of 4 lines on a specific location on the y-axis

At this point I’m using 3 values to move 3 sets of 4 lines on the y-axis. I want to use an x-amount of values splitted in 3 chunks to move the set of 4 lines on multiple locations. In the picture below there is the desired end result. This is made 3 times the same nodes, I would like to get to this result with 1 time these nodes. Anybody got some ideas to fix this? (16.9 KB)


I think this might be what you want: (12.7 KB)

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Thanks Lando, this is exactly what I want!