2 List, Same functions


I’ve created a function where there is a cube and there will be drawn lines between each line of the cube.
Now I can do it once, but get an error when I import the 2nd array in the same input. I can copy the whole 2nd part to get my result. But is it possible to use the same “stream” for more then 1 list?

In red it is vissible what I want to do. I’m asking because if I adjust my generated Random numbers I have to modify it by hand each time.

And second. Is it possible to split a list in more than 2 results? (list A, list B, list C etc.) depending on the input


For this definition it would probably work fine with an [Entwine] Component. Which places the two list on separate branches. These would then Data Match separately to the Flat List of (Base Curve)

EDIT: if you zoom right in to the component you will see the ZUI with + and - to add and remove branches

Exactly what I was searching for. :smile:

Other thing was:

I got a split List. It splits in A and B.
Is it also possible to let it split to C, D etc.

If you know the Sizes of the resulting Lists you can use [Partition List]

yeah the Partition list worked ! thank you so much :smile:
The list has to split at every 12th :slight_smile: and i also send list with 12^ so :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: This will do xD

While we are busy anyways xD
Another one. Probably just as simple as the last ones…

Now I have 2 list of endpoints that I connect. But on my cube always the same lines are connected with the same lines.
There are 2 lists of points. I’ve tried to Jitter them but the result is still the same.

This is my “script”

Is this the sort of thing you are after?
RandomCubes.gh (31.7 KB)

I cannot post the screen shot to illustrate the point - although there are different methods to creating the various bits (note the end caps to the pipes) the important bit is the [Flip Matrix] --> [Jitter] --> Flip Matrix]