Use Grasshopper inside RhinoCommon

Hi everyone!

I want to use grasshopper inside rhino common, by using I mean defining input curves, values, and baking result curves from the final block. Is it possible? How to do that? Thanks!

RhinoCommon is a set of APIs. The statement “use Grasshopper inside RhinoCommon” is a bit unclear.

Grasshopper already uses RhinoCommon to be able to work, otherwise GH would only be something like this:

But I guess you want to make a plugin for Rhino that uses GH, in that case you just need to reference Grasshopper.dll (and maybe, if necessary, GH_IO.dll) in your project to be able to program with GH.

I am working on a RhinoCommon plugin and I want get result from grasshopper schema, i hope it is more clear :slight_smile: I have gh file and I want to run it from RhinoCommon plugin and get results

Hmm Thank you, I will try with dlls.