GH- User objects


Where can I find tutorials about how to create GH- user objects, and customizing GH components?
What are good examples for using User objects?
How to create a shortcut for a customized user object component… Example:

"1 -is the shortcut for a default panel with the number 1 and I want to use my user object (attached) to create a smaller panel with the number 1 but with the shortcut and alias of
sm1 (instead of "1) or sm2 (instead of "2)

Is that possible?
Thank you
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User objects make sense in roughly 4 cases:

  1. Clusters, because it allows you to instantiate one easily.
  2. Script components, because the same reason as number 1
  3. Parameters or Components with preset data.
  4. Special objects (panels, sliders, …) in non-default states.

I doubt there’s many tutorials, you just create the object you want to convert, select it, and convert it. So for example if you wanted to create a user object that is a text panel with a blue background, a specific font and multi-line set to false, you’d create that panel from a standard panel, select it, and export as User Object.