Update Version 6 SR5 (6.5.18149.14421, 05/29/2018) messes 3d text justification

I’ve noticed that all text (produced with Text Tag 3d component-grasshopper) has moved justified location since last update. It seems that justification doesn’t work the way it should. For example when Text Tag 3d justification is set to middle center the text should be distributed with a center in the point of location, but since last update that’s not the case. The text is showing below that location in all viewports. The issue isn’t solved even when you choose other justifications. The same result is produced with 3rd party components as well (in my case I’m using Human text tags components and all have the same issue. Since the native component reproduces the problem I assume that this should be a problem with the last update.

I think it’s probably the same bug as mentioned here.

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Thank you David for your reply. It’s a serious bug as you mentioned in the other post but no problem for me. I have uninstall this version and installed a previous stable with a file that I had with my recent purchase so I could go on with my definition. It would be great if you had archives with previous versions available for downloading just in case. Greetings!!! I admire your work - Grasshopper is an amazing tool!!!

Ah, the same problem I noted here - Text alignment incorrect with grasshopper components